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Beware…The Ides Of March


Boards Of Life And The Mic Vic Orchestra




FOS 2014


New Media from the happy people @fallout shelter productions. Enjoy!

Comeback Season

Dawn Of A New Day The EP is here. Consisting of six original songs, Haylo da G.o.d provides top-notch lyrical content over ill production. Handling the production on this one are The Boards Of Life and also Ace Marley. Dawn Of a New Day is the 1st EP in a 3 part series leading up to the highly anticipated album… “4 My Culture”. Following “Dawn Of A New Day” will be the next EP titled “Born at 30″ followed by  ”The Devil Rides at Dusk”. Each title stemmed from the mind state of my day to day. Dawn of a New Day represents ushering a new era in my life. I’m looking at the world differently, and making the necessary changes to better my life in all aspects. Born at 30 represents me looking through a new pair of eyes, being able to see the world vividly for what it REALLY is for the first time. The Devil Rides At Dusk stems from a saying one of my elders used to tell me every time we would part. He would always tell me “It’s something about the chill of the nite that make a man cold hearted enough to take a life. Be careful out here The Devil Rides at Dusk “.



Welcome Back Into The Fray


Welcome Back Into The Fray…

We are excited about all the projrcts we have lined up for the year. Our main focus is to keep giving you the hip hop that we all love.

The center of this is Haylo’s next full length LP aptly titled “I Do This For My Culture” due out in the Summer. To serve as appetizers before the main course os a three EP series by Haylo. The first of which “Dawn Of A New Day” is available now for free download.

Also look out for video beat sessions from “The Boards Of Life”

Besides all the music be on the lookout for new videos and new Fallout gear for you.

Keep rocking with us. We’re locked loaded and ready for war.


It’s Suppertime!

Suppertime has arrived, sit down and enjoy the feast, as H and D fire up the grills and roast these sonamabitches like the meat they are. This one is a Ode to the Rocky Horror Picture show, and its dedicated to all those who when push came to shove, showed them dudes is chew things. Flame on em, feast on the carcass.

Suppertime on it’s way.


The holiday season always proves to be a gorge fest. We worked hard on this video, shot in Asbury Park, and in Freehold NJ. BK comes to NJ. Check out some of the screen shots from the post production suite from our army over at Pixel Mobb

We are back!

Took a little time off to regroup, reevaluate, re think, re arm, and shave away the awful fat that was laying around the gut of this company for years weighing us down. We are now lean, mean and trained ready for battle. New year 2012 mayan year, mobb rule, fallout protection. Out.